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beautiful for spacious skies
bees long socks though😍

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'Something personal hits you and you fall from like 50 storeys of building. 50 floors onto the ground, straight down, and you're not gradually getting sad because one thing- something just hits you. And I just saw a tunnel, I wanted to disappear, I wanted to just get off YouTube and-.. And I thought that would help because I was leaving for the people who I most cared about in real life, but obviously they didn't care enough for me to know how miserable I was and to know how YouTube meant that much to me. So then I was left with nothing, I had no one to support me with anything, I just sat in my room painting. About 3 days ago when I got back on twitter I just realised that you guys are the ones who support me and support me for what I love, and I just wanted to say that you should never let anyone walk over you and conquer your own dreams and don't change yourself for anyone, because it's not worth it'

"Don’t let anyone walk over you and stop you from doing what you love and conquer your dreams for yourself".


Happy 18th birthday Straub! 


I follow back everyone! ♥